About this Book

The major topics discussed in this book are:
1. The definition of "Salafiyah".
2. The sources and major references of the studies on the Wahhabi movement and wahhabism.
3. The biography of Mohammed bin Abdulwahhab.
4. The history of wahhabism in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.
5. The theology of Wahhabis and their thought.
6. The historical relations between Wahhabis and royal Saudi family.
7. The disagreements between Wahhabis and other Muslim groups, such as shi'at and Sufis on Islamic theology interpretation.
8. The role of Wahhabis in the field of Islamic da'wah.
Assalafiyyah al-Wahhabiyyah bayna Mu'ayidihaa wa Muntaqidihaa

(Si aad u iibsato buuggan, riix batanka hoose

Waa nuskho electronic ah (an electronic copy only)

Author: Dr. Hersi M. Hilole
Language: Arabic
No. Pages: 318
Price: $20.00

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