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This Book is a major reference for "KC3023 Adab al-Ikhtilaf" or "Manners of disagreement in Islam" a course offered to 3rd year students in the university. The book discusses in detail the historical development of the religious thought and rationality in Islamic societies.

The Author used historical and analytical methodologies to demonstrate the importance of three types of disagreements "khilaafat", for the historical development of religious thought and rationality in the Muslim societies, namely "khilafaat al-Ijtihadiyah, khilafat al-Siyasiyah and Khilafat al-Aqidiyah".

al-Khilafat al-Fikriyyah fil-Islam

Contents of the book

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Author: Dr. Hersi Mohamed
Language: Arabic
No. Pages: 370
Price (Qiimaha) $20.00

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